5 Ways to Improve Your Pilates Session

  1. Line Up Your Feet!

What I see most is that most people let their feet turn in or turn out. or go here and there without realising how much of a difference it can make to their Pilates session. If your feet aren’t lined up correctly, it has a domino affect all the way from the floor – up through your knees, hips, pelvis, spine and neck. Plus, sloppy foot placement and movement translates to sloppy and inefficient movement. Translated to everyday life you won’t be able to lift as much weight, run as far, have good balance or just plain work your body properly.

Most of the time it’s a matter of keeping your toes in line with your knees – not too hard! From there, if you have taken the simple step of figuring out the basic stance of feet and legs parallel and hip distance apart, you will definitely improve your sessions even if you are in motion and don’t hold that posture.

2. Breathe

What does your instructor always say to you?  ‘Just breathe, don’t forget to breathe’.  Even if you don’t feel you need to take big breaths in your workout, at least consider breathing as fully as possible. Breathing well will get your heart pumping and your circulation moving, which in turn helps detoxify your body.

3. Change your clothes

This might seem like a silly, but if your clothes are too baggy and your instructor can’t see your body, they can’t help you correct poor form.

4. Go Slower or Faster

Our bodies create habits and we start doing everything, even our exercises the same way.  That’s fantastic if you are perfect at what you do.  However, if you want to teach your body something new, doing a movement faster or slower than usual will allow your body to learn it in a new way. This trick is used in muscular re-patterning.  Apply this tip to an individual exercise or move, and see how you go

5. Take a Private Lesson 

The very second you decide to get a private Pilates class, your workouts are going to come into much sharper focus.  It will bring your attention to what you are, or perhaps are not doing, and what you want to be able to do. Of course, when you do get to your private session you are going to learn things that will improve your workouts for a long time to come.

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