AMAZING Letter for Inner Strength

I received the letter below from a client last week.  I was so moved by her happiness and also the praise and kind words that I almost cried (seriously!).  I opened the first Inner Strength Studio at Ormiston  in the hope that I could make a difference to people’s lives through Pilates.  This proves that we are doing something right, and gives me even more determination to keep studying and staying abreast of changes and innovations so that I can continue to offer the very best service possible.  Thankyou Linda 🙂

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to let you know how much I adore every single pilates class that I have attended at Inner Strength Pilates. Cindy, Emma and yourself are awesome. I have found my BLISS. From finding what helps for pain management, to strengthening my lungs and gaining core strength, for my overall sense of wellbeing and achievement, I think Inner Strength Pilates is perfect. Thank you so much for having such an awesome establishment. The energy in the room is soothing and energising. I am so happy I found you. Well done to you Angela and Emma and Cindy for doing such a brilliant job. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Linda, Cleveland

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