Pilates and Weight Loss

I often get asked ‘will Pilates help me lose weight?’. The short answer is no. What it will do amongst other things; is improve your posture and increase your muscle tone and strength. In turn these things will give you more self confidence so you can look the world in the eye and be proud of who you are. If you are trying to lose weight or even just be more aware of your eating habits, what you can do along with your Pilates is keep a close watch on your portion sizes. The best tip I’ve heard for this – one that you can use while you’re anywhere – is use your hand as your guide. Confused? Think of this next time you put a meal on your plate: Carb serving = fist; Protein serving = palm of hand; and Fat (healthy) serving = thumb. Add a big serve of green veges leafy veges and you’re set 

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