Winter Blues

Oh my goodness!  How cold was it this morning?  Anyone who knows me understands that 9 degrees is way below my cold threshold 🙂  For most people I understand that the cooler weather is a welcome change and also a chance to rug up, stay under the covers a little longer in the mornings and enjoy cosy nights in on lounge.  It’s also a time when traditionally we become a little less motivated to exercise and a little more lazy in general.  Why not work hard at not falling into the ‘winter blues’ trap this year, and make a commitment to yourself to attend your usual Pilates classes?  Everytime you think….”it’s just a bit cold to exercise today” you are going to lose a little of that wonderful form that you have been working so hard on.  Don’t let it go by the wayside in the colder months.  Come along and have a laugh and a workout and THEN go home and enjoy a yummy hot chocolate (low fat of course!).  Remember to bring your socks to class to stop those cold feet cramps.  See you soon.

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