About Us

As the owner and sole Pilates instructor, Angela Schoemaker opened Inner Strength Pilates on the 1st of February, 2010, after contract-teaching in the Redlands for the previous eighteen months.

At Inner Strength Pilates, Angela’s focus is to provide the means for people to enjoy a more productive and comfortable lifestyle, by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine.

Group classes are kept to a maximum of up to 6 participants so that all clients are fully supervised at all times – giving a personal experience in a group environment.

Classes are run to allow beginners and advanced clients to participate together – offering modifications for beginners and more difficult levels for the more advanced.

Private  and semi-private lessons are available by appointment.

Inner Strength Pilates is proud to be a WEFS (Work Experience Facilitation Site) for Pilates ITC.  As a WEFS participant, Angela hosts student teachers and helps to mentor them through their study to become a Pilates instructor.


Exciting news for 2018! Inner Strength Pilates is amalgamating with Everybodies Physio from June. The new studio is Inner75Pilates, and Angela will be the principal instructor. Inner75Pilates will still offer quality Pilates with a maximum of 6 per group class. Angela’s Pilates philosophies and values will still be the cornerstone of the new studio and clients can expect personalised service geared towards their injuries, pathologies and overall goals.