‘I have recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and when talking with the specialist about how to manage the pain, he was surprised to discover that I attend Pilates classes three times a week.  It was his opinion that Pilates would prove to be too strenuous for patients suffering from Fibromyalgia however, my experience has been wonderful.  Inner Strength Pilates has assisted me to strengthen my muscles, gain core strength and increase my flexibility all of which assist in managing the constant pain.  Ange is amazing; she’s very supportive and has the ability to adapt exercises to suit my individual needs.  I recommend Inner Strength Pilates for anybody suffering with pain; start off at an easy pace and you will gain the strength to develop very quickly.’

Peta – Victoria Point



‘Pilates really does work.  At the age of 63 and suffering severe lower back pain I was a little dubious about any form of exercise to help my problem.  Until one day the pain was so bad I could barely stand up straight, so I made the important phone call to Angela’s Pilates class.

After 10 weeks of 2 classes per week I was surprised and could feel Pilates was doing good for my back.  Another 2 months and I could feel the strength in my back greatly improving.

Now 6 months on, the strength in my back is awesome and I can do most of the exercises with ease. I love my Pilates.’

Jan – Alexandra Hills


‘After years of back problems and an operation last year (2009) for a prolapsed disc, the neurosurgeon suggested I take up Pilates to strengthen my core muscles and back muscles, to protect from further damage to the discs in my lower back.  I approached Angela, who was advertising Pilates for Back Care, and explained my situation.  She was only too happy to help.  With Angela’s caring help, guidance and knowledge each week, I am stronger now than ever before.  Not only am I managing the classes’ pain free but have progressed to Level 2 on most exercises, even Level 3 on some.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Inner Strength Pilates with Angela to anybody, not just those with back problems, who may be interested in increasing their strength and flexibility in a welcoming, enjoyable environment.’

Paula  – Ormiston


‘I started Pilates with Angela  in July 2009.  I presented with multiple problems – injured back, previous knee surgery, and fused wrists which means I only have 35% movement in my hands and wrists.  Having had surgery on both wrists, I wished to avoid surgery on my back.

Angela patiently adjusted exercises to enable me to complete all exercises in the classes I attended.  The pain in my back has greatly reduced, I am more flexible, stronger through my core muscles, and able to complete a larger number of exercises compared to when I first started working with Angela.

 My work  each day involves pushing wheelchairs and transferring students to and from these wheelchairs.  Staff are constantly hurting their backs.   The strength I have developed from Pilates, and because I am aware of the necessity of using my core effectively means that I have prevented any further damage to my back.  I recommend to all my workmates that they come along and try Pilates with Angela for themselves, and I would not hesitate to recommend Angela’s Pilates classes to anyone.’

Sue – Victoria Point